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Chef of The Month - Christian Monchatre - Executive Chef - San Francisco at White Toque Headquarter

This month, our special guest chef is Christian Monchatre, Executive Chef in San Francisco. He received us at White Toque headquarter (gourmet food provider). The topic is Pinot Noir pairing with Tarte Flambée.

Born in Paris, France and classically trained Executive Chef Christian A. Monchâtre, is a veteran of the culinary arts, dedicating his life to the industry.  Rooted in traditional French and Italian techniques, Christian’s cuisine reflects a mosaic of influences culminating from extensive training in France, Italy, as well as all of the Americas.

Christian began his culinary career at a young age in the center of France with his father at the family restaurant in the Loire Valley, where he spent several years apprenticing with his brother Bruno, a butcher-charcutier in Le Mans. When called to serve under the Arms, Christian was transferred to Baden-Baden, Germany, where he served meals to commanding officers and government officials. Due to his passion for other societies, people and history, Christian decided to expand his culinary knowledge. He moved to Italy and apprenticed at world renowned properties such as the Antica Tratoria dello Sperone, over-viewing the famous horsetrack of Milan, and also at Villa D’Este on Lake Como as well at the world famous Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence.

Traveling the world, Christian at last found himself in the United States as Chef de Cuisine and later Executive Chef of the Five Star award-winning restaurant La Bruschetta, in Los Angeles, California.  In his three years at La Bruschetta, he received several restaurant and individual culinary awards.  He later opened his own restaurant, The Gypsy Grill, in Encino, California, where he received many exhilarated reviews.

From 1998 until 2008 as the Jonathan Club’s Executive Chef, one of the nation’s leading and most prestigious private clubs located in Los Angeles, California, Christian was constantly working on the concept of fine dining on a grand scale.  His careful blend of time-honored techniques mixed with fresh vibrant products has won many acclaims.

Most recently, Christian was the Executive Chef for the El Dorado Royale in Puerto Morelos, Southern Mexico, on the Mayan Riviera.  Christian was instrumental in developing new menus for the Gourmet Inclusive, high-end spa resort, consisting of eight restaurants when he arrived, ranging from Mayan to Japanese cuisine.  He successfully opened the ninth restaurant on the 2.5 mile-long spa resort property, a restaurant focusing on southern-Italian cuisine.

Christian returned to California in late 2009 where he is currently the Executive Chef for one of San Francisco’s oldest, most prestigious, private social clubs, The Pacific Union Club, located on Nob Hill.

Christian has cooked for many notable people, including United States Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford, Reverend Billy Graham, first Secretary George Shultz, and more. He was invited to prepare the cuisine for Pierre Cardin’s 50-year Retrospective of Fashion and received Chef of the Year 2003 by the Club Culinaire. He has also participated in various fundraisers including March of Dimes, Breast Cancer Foundation, and most recently the Oscar Night Party for Children’s Uniting Nation.

 Now 43, Christian is a member of the Club’s Chefs Institute, Professional Chefs Association and was the President of the Club Culinaire of French Cuisine, California Chapter, for three years.

Christian was inducted to the Acadamie Culinaire de France and decorated of Chevalier of Merit by the French Government in 2005.

Episode 0: Introduction - Pairing Tarte Flambée and Pinot Noir

Episode 1: Cremant de Bourgogne - France

Tarte Flambee Dough by White Toque

Recipe: “Smoked Salmon Tarte Flambée”

Serving Size: 1

Wine Suggestion: Crément de Bourgogne


  1 each                   White Toque Tart Flambée Dough

  4-5 oz                    Smoked Salmon

  ½ each                  Onion, Sliced thin

  3 Tbsp                   Crème Fraîche

  1 Tbsp                   Chives, chopped

  ½ each                   Lemon, juice

Spread on the tarte flambee dough the crème fraiche. Add the thin sliced onion, spreading them all over the tarte. Bake in a pre heated oven at 400 Degrees for 8 minute or until nicely crisp. As the tarte flambee comes out of the oven, spread the smoked salmon, the chives and squeeze the fresh lemon juice.


Episode 2: Malibu Vineyard Pinot Noir - Malibu California

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 Tarte Flambee Dough by White Toque

Recipe: “Mushrooms & Brie Cheese Tarte Flambée”


Recipe by: Chef Christian Monchâtre


Serving Size: 1

Wine Suggestion: Malibu Vineyard, Malibu


  1 each                   White Toque Tart Flambée Dough

  ½ each                   Onion, Sliced thin

  4 oz                        IQF Porcini Mushrooms

  1 tbsp                     Butter

  4 oz                        Duck Prosciutto (Sub: regular Prosciutto)

  3-4 oz                     Sliced Brie Cheese

  2-3 oz                     Dried Cherry

                                 Drizzle of White truffle oil (optional) 

 In a sauté pan, lightly caramelized the onion and Porcini mushrooms with the butter. Season with salt & pepper. Spread on the tarte flambee dough the brie cheese. Add the Porcini mushroom-onion mix. Re-hydrate the dry cherries in lukewarm water for 10 mns. Spread them on the tarte. Bake in a pre heated oven at 400 Degrees for 8 minute or until nicely crisp. As the tarte flambee comes out of the oven, spread the prosciutto and drizzle with the truffle oil.